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CMU Insights at Wide Days 2020

Last updated on: Monday 6 July 2020

CMU Insights is hosting two sessions as part of this year’s online edition of the Wide Days music convention – details below! Look out for more information about speakers going live soon. Get your passes here.

The music industry relies on a huge range of different data. This includes what artists, songwriters, labels and publishers have to log in order to get credited and paid, and the insights which can help identify opportunities, organise tours and releases, target marketing and build enduring relationships with fans.

Part One: Fan Data
A speedy overview of the different kinds of data available about an artist’s fanbase, where it can be accessed and how it can be used to inform marketing, touring and other activities to build a strong connection with fans.

Part Two: Rights Data
Bad data stops artists and rightsholders from making money out of their songs and recordings. This user-friendly guide will explain how to get it right, where to register compositions and tracks to avoid missing out on payment, and where additional royalties can be unearthed.

With live shows curtailed, video is an even more important component in music marketing campaigns and for creating a visual connection to an artist. CMU considers the many facets – from the classic three-minute clip, to previews, live recordings, studio footage and lyric videos – how these are used for promotion and where they can be monetised.

Part One: Getting The Creative Right
How are artists creatively using video to connect with audiences, how can it be made on a budget and what ensures it stands out on the different platforms?

Part Two: Reaching An Audience
Which platforms work best for the different kinds of video; what should be considered when editing, scheduling and uploading content; and where and how can it be monetised?