Building A Fanbase Webinar Series

Three one hour webinars to help you navigate and understand the fanbase building process

Navigate and understand the ins and outs of fanbase building with this series of three webinars, taking place over three Tuesdays in Feb/Mar.

This series looks at how new artists go about building a fanbase, the different marketing tools available, the importance of fan data, and the role of different music industry business partners in the fanbase building process.

Attendees can tune in to each webinar live or access a recording for a full month after the initial session.

This series consists of the following three sessions:

Building A Fanbase For New Artists | Recording Available

Music Marketing – Toolkit & Tactics | Recording Available

Getting The Most From Fan Data | 9 Mar

Each webinar is delivered live at 2.30pm London time, with a recording available for a month after the live session.

Check out full details of what each webinar covers below.

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Recording Available
How do artists go about building a fanbase in 2021? In this webinar we’ll talk through the fanbase building process, from when artists are working truly DIY, through the involvement of different music industry business partners like management, distributors, labels, promoters and specialist agencies.

Learn about…
• The fanbase building process – from hobbyist to headliner.
• Fanbase building tools.
• The role of the artist’s business partners.
• Utilising fan data to fuel growth.
• The impact of COVID-19.

Recording Available
What are the tools, tactics, channels and platforms utilised by the music industry when promoting artists, releases and events in 2021? This webinar provides a speedy overview of the modern music marketing toolkit and the ten main tools inside.

Learn about…
• The ten key elements of the music marketing toolkit.
• How marketing priorities change as an artist’s career progresses.
• Where traditional music media still fit in.
• How streaming service playlists are in flux.
• Why content and data are absolutely key.

Tuesday 9 Mar 2021 | 2.30pm
What data is being gathered about the fanbases of the artists you work with and who has access to it? This webinar talks through the ten key categories of fan data, how artists can access and utilise it all, and where data protection law fits in.

Learn about…
• The key categories of fan data.
• How that data can inform artist marketing.
• How that data can inform the entire artist business.
• The impact of data protection law.
• Why data considerations should be included in every artist contract.

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