IMPALA’s One Step Ahead

A digital intelligence facility for independent music companies across Europe

IMPALA – the pan-European organisation promoting and supporting the independent music sector – has teamed up with CMU Insights to create One Step Ahead, a new digital intelligence facility to enable independent music companies across Europe to navigate and identify trends, developments, challenges and opportunities in the digital music market.

One Step Ahead provides reports, tools and training to help independent music businesses of all sizes to get the most out of today’s digital opportunities in Europe. The facility is led by IMPALA’s digital committee and informed by a pan-European network of leading experts from across the music and digital industries.

CMU Insights brings its expertise in streaming, copyright, digital distribution and marketing, music and media technologies, and entertainment law, alongside its existing research, reportage and training platforms. Utilising that expertise and infrastructure, CMU ensures all the latest topics are covered, and that the facility is presented in the most accessible way.


Marketing Power Through Data And Networks
In this second report from One Step Ahead, we look at how music marketing – and the role of record labels as key marketeers in the music industry – has evolved over the last two decades. Labels remain crucial marketing partners for the artists they sign and work with, but the way a label delivers value has changed and is changing.

As a label, your data and your networks play an increasingly important role, maximising your marketing power and boosting the value of your campaigns. In this report we consider how to build, grow, manage and protect these crucial assets.

IMPALA members can download the report here

Check the CMU article on the report here

Playlists And Curation In The Streaming Music Market
In this first report from One Step Ahead, we review the role of playlists and curation on the main on-demand music streaming platforms in driving streams, plays, royalties, fanbase building and music discovery.

In Part One we discuss past, current and future trends in playlists and curation, identifying key developments and potential issues. In Part Two we review the current playlist ecosystem, categorising the different kinds of playlists and curation, and considering best practice playlist pitching.

IMPALA members can download the report here

Check the CMU article on the report here