CMU’s Lockdown Webinars

Online training for music people

Use lockdown to expand your knowledge about the inner workings of the music business, best practice across the music industry, and all the latest trends and developments with CMU’s Lockdown Webinars.

Each webinar is 50 minutes and features an insightful, easy-to-follow, super-timely guide to a different aspect of the music industry.

Plus we’ll also answer all your questions about the day’s topic with a live Q&A session and even explain the biggest music business news story of the day in five minutes. Attendees will also be able to access and download slides and other materials that accompany each session.

The webinars are presented by CMU’s Chris Cooke, who has trained thousands of artists, songwriters and music industry professionals all over the world. They are perfect for anyone working in or with the music industry who wants a solid understanding of the business of music, and where the industry is heading next.

Lockdown Webinars take place each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at:
2.30pm UK TIME | 3.30pm CET | 9.30am EDT

The three Lockdown Webinars currently on sale are as follows…

Streaming Explained – How Digital Licensing Works
Wednesday 3 Jun

Music Marketing – Toolkit & Tactics
Thursday 4 Jun

Music Rights Data Made Simple
Friday 5 Jun

You’ll find more information about each webinar below.

PLEASE NOTE: The date for the Music Rights Data Made Simple session has been moved as CMU will be participating in the Black Out Tuesday initiative. Anyone who has booked tickets for this session can watch it on-demand if they are unable to tune in live at the new time.

Tickets for the CMU Lockdown Webinars are available at the special discounted rate of £20 including VAT and booking fee.

Further discounts are available if you book into multiple webinars.

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Wednesday 3 Jun 2020
The streaming business is complex in terms of how services are licensed, and how artists and songwriters get paid. Get to grips with it all via our concise user-friendly guide to digital licensing and streaming royalties – explained in full in just ten steps.

Learn about…
• Why copyright rules and industry conventions complicate streaming.
• How the record industry licenses through direct deals.
• How the publishing sector licenses through direct and collecting society deals.
• How streaming royalties are calculated each month.
• How and why money flows down an assortment of royalty chains.

Thursday 4 Jun 2020
What are the tools, tactics, channels and platforms utilised by the music industry when promoting artists, releases and events in 2020? This webinar provides a speedy overview of the modern music marketing toolkit and the ten main tools inside.

Learn about…
• The ten key elements of the music marketing toolkit.
• How marketing priorities change as an artist’s career progresses.
• Where traditional music media still fit in.
• How streaming service playlists are in flux.
• Why content and data are absolutely key.

Friday 5 Jun 2020
Getting songwriters and artists paid when their songs and recordings are played often comes down to whether or not the right data is in the system. But what data? This webinar runs through all the key data points and explains how to get information into the system.

Learn about…
• All the important music copyright data points.
• Who manages each data point.
• How you get your data into the system.
• How bad data stops payment.
• Why the music industry still has a copyright data problem.

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