The CMU+TGE Sessions

A music business conference curated by CMU at The Great Escape each May

The Great Escape is the festival for new music, taking place in Brighton every May, and showcasing and championing the best new talent from all over the world, while also bringing together music industry professionals from every strand of the global music business.

Those industry delegates also have access to the four-day TGE Conference, at the heart of which is the CMU+TGE Sessions, a programme curated and presented by the team at CMU.

The 2022 edition of The Great Escape will take place from 11-14 May, with the CMU+TGE Sessions putting the spotlight on education, data and video.

The Great Escape and CMU bring together music educators, music development organisations and the music industry to discuss the best ways to nurture, support and educate young musicians, early-career music-makers and future music talent – on and off stage.

Tapping into the latest research work from CMU’s Pathways Into Music Foundation, we’ll look at how DIY phase artists are going about building a fanbase in 2022, and how educators can inform that process and sign-post the tools and resources now available.

Plus what are the biggest challenges facing music educators today – and what support can the music industry offer?

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The Great Escape and CMU put the spotlight on all the ways data now drives success in the music business.

The data that gets artists and songwriters paid. The data that will help #fixstreaming. The data that informs music discovery. The data that powers music marketing. The data that profiles fans and fanbases. The data that sits at the heart of ticketing. The data that is powering new direct-to-fan products and opportunities.

Who creates this data? Who controls this data? And how can artists, songwriters, labels, publishers, agents, promoters, venues, artist managers and music marketeers ensure that all the data is accurate, accessible and driving that success?

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The Great Escape and CMU explores the intersection between music and video.

Where are TV producers, movie studios, gaming companies, brands, online creators and social influencers sourcing their music in 2022 – what are their options, what are their requirements and what do the deals look like?

Plus what about all the video content the music industry now creates every single day? What content works? Where do you publish and push the videos? How do you influence the influencers? And how much of that content is about marketing – and when should video be a revenue generator for artists, songwriters and the wider music industry?

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Alongside the CMU+TGE Sessions, the TGE Conference also includes…
• A series of keynote in-conversations.
• A selection of panels presented by TGE’s industry partners.
• The TGE Elevate programme for early-career talent.
• A programme of networking events and parties.

Look out for more information about all these strands here online soon.

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