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CMU Insights at AIM House 2020

Last updated on: Saturday 16 May 2020

CMU Insights hosted a room as part of the AIM House virtual conference on Friday 15 May 2020. You can check out what we covered and download our speed briefing slides below.

If you are looking for more opportunities to learn during lockdown check out CMU’s Lockdown Webinars – details of all the upcoming sessions are here.

Key Music Media Trends In 2020
10.00-10.50am | BACKGROUND
What do we even mean by music media in 2020? Who are the curators and influencers that matter? How do they make money? And what impact will COVID-19 have on traditional music media that were already facing significant commercial challenges? Media owners and PR experts debate.

With Cliff Fluet from Lewis Silkin and Eleven, Farhana Aboo from AEI Group, Nikki McNeill from Global Publicity and Rupert Vereker from DIY Music. Hosted by CMU’s Sam Taylor.

Getting Creative Entrepreneurialism Into The Curriculum
11.00-11.50am | BACKGROUND
CMU’s Pathways Into Music project has been investigating how educators could better support DIY Phase artists – partly by encouraging young creators to think like entrepreneurs. But what do we mean by creative entrepreneurialism and how might that be included in the curriculum?

With entrepreneurial artist Eckoes, Fiona McAuley from YMU, Mark Lippmann from Scuff Of The Neck and Paul Pacifico from AIM. Hosted by artist manager and educator Phil Nelson – who is also leaading Pathways Into Music.

Streaming Around The World
1.00-1.50pm| BACKGROUND
We take a virtual trip around the world to check in on the streaming market, streaming services and streaming trends in several key territories. What is working where and what do you need to know to capitalise on global opportunities? Experts on key markets provide their insights.

With Alex Taggart from Outdustry, Daniel Campello Queiroz from Orb Music and Vladimir Philippov from Broma 16 / Heaven 11. Hosted by streaming and music rights expert Becky Brook.

Going Global: What Did You Learn?
2.00-2.50pm | BACKGROUND
In the digital age, artists have global reach from the off. But the business of making, marketing and performing music still varies a great deal as you travel around the world. What are the biggest differences? Labels and managers talk about what they learned when they took their artists global.

With Adam Tudhope from Everbody’s, Cecilie Torp Holte from Circle Management and the European Music Managers Alliance, Meg Symsyk from Entertainment One and Ric Salmon from ATC. Hosted by CMU’s Sam Taylor.

The Podcast Business
3.40-4.30pm | BACKGROUND
Podcasts are booming, but which podcasters are actually making money and how? Where do podcasts fit into your music marketing campaign and which podcasts should you be pitching to? And why is it so hard to license music for podcast programmes? We put all things podcasting into the spotlight.

With Gee Davy from AIM, Joe Copeman from Acast, Sophie Paluch from Blueprint Pods and Xanthe Fuller from Mixcloud. Hosted by CMU’s Chris Cooke.

The Artist’s Freedom Of Expression – And When Not To Use It
4.40-5.30pm | BACKGROUND
With social media, artists have a powerful tool that allows them to talk directly to their fans. But how and when should they use that power? Plus, should media and digital platforms ever boycott or silence artists based on their politics, outbursts or conduct? Is it ever OK to censor? Join the debate!

With Marla Altschuler from Cantine, Martha Kinn from YMU and Rafaella DeSantis from Harbottle & Lewis. Hosted by CMU’s Chris Cooke.