CMU Insights White Papers

White papers produced by CMU Insights for Midem

AI – The Next Revolution In Music? (February 2018) | CLICK HERE
What technologies are likely to kick-start the next revolution in the music industry? This white paper considers the potential impact of technologies that can be loosely grouped under the banner of ‘artificial intelligence’ – products that are employing big data, algorithms and machine learning to change the way music is monitored, marketed and made. We look at audio-ID tools, automated-messaging platforms and music composition technology.

The Transparency Debate (October 2017) | CLICK HERE
Most people agree there needs to be more transparency in the music streaming business. But who needs to be more transparent about what, exactly? Based on the renowned ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ reports he authored for the UK’s Music Managers Forum, Chris Cooke – Managing Director at CMU Insights – considers the ongoing ‘Transparency Debate’ in the music community.