Training courses for music people

Understand the inner workings of the business of music

CMU Insights is a leading provider of professional training for people working in the music industry. We have courses covering music rights, the digital market, brand partnerships, artist deals, ticketing, fan engagement, music and social media, direct-to-fan, and the ways artist business models are evolving. There are various ways to access our training…

OUR SEMINAR + MASTERCLASS PROGRAMME: A regular series of seminars and masterclasses for music business professionals at the London HQ of Lewis Silkin on Chancery Lane. These sessions explain the inner workings of the music industry and update attendees on both best practice and latest trends. | CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

OUR SPEED BRIEFINGS: Special speed briefings that we present at music conferences around the world. Each briefing provides a concise but comprehensive overview of a different aspect of the music business in just one hour. | CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

OUR IN-HOUSE SEMINARS: These are sessions that we run in-house at music companies or for members of music industry organisations. Clients can pick from a menu of courses and we will deliver them to their employees or members at a venue of their choosing. We have both two and three hour in-house seminars, with the option to build in further time for Q&A and team-building. | CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

OUR BESPOKE COURSES: We can also develop one-off and regular sessions to meet a client’s specific training objectives. These might expand on an existing seminar or cover a totally different area of the music business. We can also develop talks, panels and workshops as part of a client’s wider training programmes or events. To discuss our bespoke training services call 020 7099 9050 or email