CMU Insights @ Tallinn Music Week 2017

CMU Insights presented an insights session at Tallinn Music Week 2017

CMU Insights presents Deals, Dollars & Data – Understanding the Streaming Business
CMU Insights presented at Tallinn Music Week for the first time, a 90 minute session focussed on challenges and opportunties in the digital music sector.

Chris Cooke from CMU Insights provided a ten step guide to how streaming services are licensed and digital royalties are paid based on the ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ report he authored for the UK’s Music Managers Forum.

He then outlined the various issues the report raised, and discussed possible solutions with Toomas Olljum, manager of Ewert And The Two Dragons and founder of, an e-commerce platform for Estonian artists, and James Morgan, founder of Pieces Of 8 Music, a boutique management and publishing company.

Malena Wolfer from Believe Digital then put forward the case that data is not only used to measure impact but, more importantly, to inform decisions.

She showcased which analytics and insights are available to artists and explored how data can be used to connect the dots between the various touch points in order to grow engagement and, ultimately, increase revenues.

You can download the slides we presented here.