Introducing the CMU+TGE Conferences

Get in-depth insights from every perspective with our full-day CMU+TGE conferences

The Great Escape is the festival for new music taking place in Brighton each May. Over 500 bands play in over 30 venues, with 3500 music industry professionals from across the world among the audience.

The TGE Conference is the programme of events presented especially for the industry delegates who attend the festival each year. CMU Insights has helped programme the TGE Conference every year since 2011, including presenting a series of full-day thematic conferences for delegates since 2015.

CLICK HERE for details of the full-day conferences CMU will present at TGE 2019 focused on education, streaming and music marketing.

You can access resources and reports from past conferences here:
The Education Conference | 2018
The AI Conference | 2018
The China Conference2018
The Media Conference | 2017
The Drugs Conference | 2017
The Royalties Conference | 2017
The Export Conference2017
The Data Conference | 2016
The YouTube Conference2016
The Physical Conference | 2016
The People Conference | 2016
The Licensing Conference | 2015
The Brands Conference | 2015
The Labels Conference | 2015
The Marketing Conference | 2015

You can access CMU coverage of past TGE Conventions here:
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For more information about the Great Escape festival and conference check the official website here.