CMU Insights @ The Great Escape 2018

Wednesday 16 – Friday 19 May 2018, Brighton

The Great Escape is the festival for new music taking place in Brighton each May. Over 450 bands play in over 30 venues, with 3500 music industry professionals from across the world among the audience.

The TGE:CONVENTION is the programme of events specifically for the 3500 music industry delegates who attend the festival each year. It brings together music business professionals from across the globe who – through our programme of conferences, conversations, parties and receptions – can connect to, learn from and debate with leading players from across the wider music business – expanding their own networks as they go.

CMU Insights has curated and presented key sessions at the TGE:CONVENTION since 2011. This includes three full-day conferences, this year focused on China, AI and music education.

CMU Insights presents three full-day conferences as part of the TGE:CONVENTION. Each conference is focused on a specific aspect of the music industry, allowing delegates to dig much deeper into each of the featured topics.

Curated by the CMU editorial team, the conferences are bang-up-to-date, focusing on the very latest challenges and opportunities in the music industry, and setting the agenda for the music business year ahead.


CMU Insights presents The Education Conference
Wednesday 16 May
Everyone agrees that the British music industry is one of the UK’s success stories. British artists, songwriters and music companies constantly punch above their weight, and the government acknowledges the value of British music – culturally, commercially, and as a calling card around the world. Yet music education in the UK has seen its funding cut and its place in the curriculum down-graded. How can we ensure the UK music industry of the future has the talent and knowledge it needs to continue to prosper?

Step one is building closer ties between employers and educators in music. What skills is the music industry looking for and are those skills being taught? Most musicians pursue portfolio careers and run their own small music businesses – beyond the crucial art of songwriting and performance, is music education preparing young people for that challenge? How can we better support young music entrepreneurs entering the business? And how can the different strands of music and music education better collaborate to capitalise on the opportunities and meet the challenges?

We will bring together music educators and employers from across the UK and beyond to create a new manifesto for music education.

SPEAKERS ALREADY CONFIRMED: Lucie Caswell CEO, Featured Artists Coalition; Pamela McCormick Founder & Director, Urban Development; Phil Nelson Music Industry Ambassador, BIMM; with many more to be announced very soon!

CMU Insights presents The AI Conference
Thursday 17 May
New technologies continue to have a big impact on how music is made, consumed, curated, shared, marketed and monetised. Though that doesn’t mean every new technology is going to cause a revolution. So how do you know which new technologies are truly going to change the business of music?

The AI Conference will showcase some of the most exciting new technologies – with the focus on those that employ big data and machine learning – and consider what impact that tech is likely to have in the decade ahead, and what challenges and opportunities will be created along the way.

We will look at the latest developments in audio-recognition technology, and how that changes the way music is selected and shared, and how it is being employed to better monitor music usage online – and in the real world too – to ensure the right artists and songwriters get paid.

We will also see how new technologies are changing music marketing, allowing artists and their business partners to follow fans into the digital spaces where they prefer to hang out, and in particular the messaging apps that are now a key forum for fan conversations.

And we will investigate the creative technologies that make music. How can artists, songwriters and record producers use these new tools to take the art of music making in totally new directions? And will machines that can compose music, write lyrics and direct videos on the fly ultimately compete with music creators?

Come hear from key innovators in music and technology, and meet ten exciting start-up businesses who are leading the next chapter in the story of music tech.

SPEAKERS ALREADY CONFIRMED: Gregor Pryor Co-Chair of Global Entertainment And Media Industry Group, Reed Smith; Imogen Heap Founder, Mycelia; Sammy Andrews Founder & CEO, Deviate; with many more to be announced very soon!

CMU Insights presents The China Conference
Friday 18 May
The potential of the Chinese music market has been debated at music conferences for over a decade now, though it’s in recent years that that potential has started to become a real opportunity. Which is why now is the time for CMU Insights and the TGE:CONVENTION to present a full-day China Conference!

Challenges remain, but the potential rewards for the global music industry are significant. Which is why anyone working in music – whether in recordings, publishing, live, management or music tech – should learn more about music and the music industry in China: how things work, how things differ, and how things are changing.

The China Conference from CMU Insights at The Great Escape will provide a substantial beginner’s guide.

We will look at the copyright regime in China, how it is evolving, and where there is still work to be done. We will look at the Chinese streaming market and what services are really gaining traction. How do these services compare to those available in Europe and North America, and what opportunities are there for international acts to get streamed?

We will review social media in China and how artists connect to fans in the country. Plus we’ll provide an overview of the Chinese live and festival circuit and the challenges of touring in this region.

SPEAKERS ALREADY CONFIRMED: Ang Kwee Tiang Regional Director Asia, IFPI; Ed Peto Founder & MD, Outdustry; Mathew Daniel Vice-President International, NetEase Cloud Music; with many more to be announced very soon!

1. CMU reports on the music industry every day – as a result our conferences are more timely, more incisive and more forward looking.

2. CMU Insights is a leading provider of music business training and each of our conferences include more formal training elements, meaning together they form a substantive professional development programme.

3. We present a whole day of content around each topic enabling us to dig much deeper than any other music conference into the issues and challenges the business faces today.

4. We prioritise talks and interviews in our programme, allowing industry experts to present their insights and case studies in a more detailed and digestible way.

5. The CMU conferences are truly editorially driven, we identify the key challenges and opportunities and find the people best equipped to discuss them.

For more information on the wider TGE:CONVENTION, check the official website here. You can access the whole convention including the three CMU Insights conferences with a TGE delegates pass – get yours here.