CMU Insights @ The Great Escape 2016

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In 2016, CMU Insights @ The Great Escape packed out Dukes @ Komedia on the first two days of TGE with four one-day mini conferences putting the spotlight on data, YouTube, physical product and the way the music industry recruits and supports its people.

In Transparency! Data! Blockchain! Let’s make buzzwords happen! we looked at the various pools of data available to artists, labels, managers and promoters, and how that data can be used in practical ways. We then looked at the issues around music rights data and the lack of transparency in the way digital income is processed, and at some of the solutions to the music industry’s biggest data challenge, including how the blockchain might play a role.

In What if YouTube actually is the future? we looked at the controversy around safe harbours and the value gap, and other legal and licensing challenges around YouTube and video online. We then looked at how the music industry can better use YouTube as a marketing channel, a data service and a micro-licensing platform. YouTube then provided an update on its latest developments, before we looked at the rise of the YouTuber, and the live, legal and managment challenges they face.

In CDs! Vinyl! T-shirts! Who the hell is buying this stuff? – sponsored by BPI – we asked why CD sales were holding up better than everyone expected in the UK. We then looked at how managers and labels are generating extra revenue through premium CD and vinyl releases, before putting the spotlight on merch and direct-to-fan, and the role of management and labels in building successful D2F businesses.

In What has the music industry ever done for you? – sponsored by Help Musicians UK – we looked at diversity and training issues in the music industry, before exploring mental health challenges in the wider music community. Help Musicians UK launched its new research project on mental health in the music industry, while Vice showcased its recent videos on the issue, and we discussed how managers, labels and promoters can better support the health of their artists and people.

Along the way CMU Insights presented four mini-guides which you can check the slides from here…
Building a more skilled music industry
The physical market in 2016
Tracking digital dollars
YouTube + Music – A brief history

Once again, CMU Insights @ The Great Escape put the spotlight on the biggest topics of the moment while also putting new issues and trends onto the music industry’s agenda.


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