CMU Insights @ The Great Escape 2016

Thursday 19 & Friday 20 May 2016, Brighton | CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOUR DELEGATE’S PASS

The Great Escape is the festival for new music in Brighton each May. CMU Insights @ The Great Escape is the two day conference that sits at the heart of the TGE convention.

CMU Insights @ TGE presents four full-day conference strands each focused on a different area of the music industry. Educational and enlightening, these sessions are packed with case studies, original research and debate, delving into some of the key issues the music business faces.

Open to all delegate pass holders at The Great Escape, the 2016 CMU Insights @ TGE strands are as follows…

Transparency! Data! Blockchain! Let’s make buzzwords happen!
‘Transparency’ has been the big buzzword in the music industry this year. Everyone agrees that everyone else needs to be more transparent. But transparent about what exactly? And what information is it reasonable for artists and songwriters to expect labels, publishers, collecting societies and digital services to share? We investigate what could and should be done to better explain, process and audit digital income, and the role better copyright data and the much discussed blockchain can play.

Who the hell is buying all these CDs?
CD sales are holding up better than most people expected, in the UK and worldwide. So who, exactly, is buying all these CDs? Is the record industry really managing this declining but significant revenue stream in the most lucrative way? As physical becomes a premium product, what is possible, through retail, venue and direct-to-fan channels? And what other physical products can artists sell to engaged fans? CDs, vinyl, merch, retail and direct-to-fan: all put under the spotlight.

What if YouTube actually is the future?
Given that it’s arguably the music industry’s biggest platform and most important marketing channel, there has been a lot of hate for YouTube in the music community this year. We review the issues, consider the solutions, and explain how artists, labels and publishers can get the absolute most out of their YouTube presence. Meanwhile, the YouTubers are taking over the world. Who are these people? And how can the music industry work with them: as media, licensees, content partners and festival bookings?

What has the music industry ever done for you?
The music industry is notable for its high number of freelancers, entrepreneurs and SMEs. This makes it an exciting and dynamic place to be, but throws up a number of unique challenges. How can the industry better train its people – both on and off stage – about an ever-changing business? How can we foster a more diverse music community? And what responsibilities does the industry have to safeguard the wellbeing and mental health of its people? We’ll present case studies, ideas and proposals for how we can better support the music makers.


01.12.15 > CMU Insights to return to The Great Escape, plus 50 bands announced


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