CMU@TGE: The China Conference


Friday 18 May
The potential of the Chinese music market has been debated at music conferences for over a decade now, though it’s in recent years that that potential has started to become a real opportunity. Which is why now is the time for CMU Insights and the TGE:CONVENTION to present a full-day China Conference!

Challenges remain, but the potential rewards for the global music industry are significant. Which is why anyone working in music – whether in recordings, publishing, live, management or music tech – should learn more about music and the music industry in China: how things work, how things differ, and how things are changing.

The China Conference from CMU Insights at The Great Escape will provide a substantial beginner’s guide.

We will look at the copyright regime in China, how it is evolving, and where there is still work to be done. We will look at the Chinese streaming market and what services are really gaining traction. How do these services compare to those available in Europe and North America, and what opportunities are there for international acts to get streamed?

We will review social media in China and how artists connect to fans in the country. Plus we’ll provide an overview of the Chinese live and festival circuit and the challenges of touring in this region.


Ang Kwee Tiang Regional Director Asia, IFPI
Chris Cooke MD, CMU Insights
Ed Peto Founder & MD, Outdustry
Ian Moss Director Of Public Affairs, BPI
Mathew Daniel Vice-President International, NetEase Cloud Music
Nick Matthews Agent, Coda
with many more to be announced very soon!

A guide to the key sessions taking place during The China Conference…

01: Introducing The Chinese Music Market
We kick-start the day with an up-to-date and fact-packed overview of this key emerging market. What are the key revenue streams for both domestic and international talent in China, how are these evolving and growing, and how can artists and music companies capitalise on the opportunities?

02: Copyright In China
The copyright regime in China has evolved a lot in recent years, though from a Western perspective there is still a long way to go. We review what the Chinese copyright system looks like, both formally and in reality, and ask what future reforms we can expect. How can the UK and European music industries influence that process? And what about the collective licensing system in China – what does that look like and where will it go next?

03: Streaming In China
Streaming is booming in China, though it’s the Chinese services rather than the global players that dominate in this market. We look at what the key services are and how they compare to Western streaming platforms, from both a consumer and industry perspective. What are the opportunities for international acts to get their music into these services and championed by the platforms, and what does that equate to in terms of royalties? We put the Chinese streaming market well and truly in the spotlight.

04: Media In China
What does media and social media look like in China, and how does the domestic and international music industry connect with and utilise these platforms? We hear from Western artists, labels and broadcasters who are active in China, and tap media and social media expertise from those based in the country too.

05: Touring In China
The Chinese live market has boomed in recent years. We provide an overview of the live sector in China with a particular spotlight on festivals. Plus what are the commercial, logistical and political challenges for international acts gigging in China? We ask the experts.

For more information on the wider TGE:CONVENTION, check the official website here. You can access the whole convention including the three CMU Insights conferences with either a TGE delegate pass or a TGE convention-only pass – get yours here.