CMU@TGE: The Media Conference


This CMU Insights conference took place at The Great Escape on 18 May 2017.

We explored the challenge of making money out of music media in the digital age. Great music journalism may get the clicks, but can it generate revenue in an era where so much advertising spend goes to social and search? Is the future of music media a combination of branded content, unpaid writers and click-bait headlines? Plus is music radio really ready for its impending collision with the streaming platforms?

Speakers included: Virgin EMI’s Afryea Henry-Fontaine, Vice’s Alex Hoffman, Box Plus Network’s Ben Williams, Platform B’s Elijah Palithorpe-Peart, journalist Emily Jupp, Loud & Quiet’s Greg Cochrane, Vevo’s James Cornish, Festival Republic’s Jane Kearney, Stay Golden PR’s Jodie Banaszkiewicz, BBC Radio 1’s Kate Holder, journalist Laura Snapes, BBC’s Mark Savage, DJ Mag’s Martin Carvell, Folder Media’s Matt Deegan, Secretly Group’s Michelle Kambasha, 7digital’s Pete Downton, Tru Thoughts’ Rosie James, DIY’s Rupert Vereker, CMU’s Sam Taylor, and DIY’s Sarah Jamieson.

The day was hosted by CMU’s Chris Cooke.


11.00-11.30 Music Media In 2017: Where We At?
CMU MD and Business Editor Chris Cooke outlines the challenges faced by the music media in an increasingly digital market, where consumers expect their content for free but most of the ad spend goes to social and search. How do you make money out of writing about music? Is the future clickbait, branded content and unpaid journalism? We look for the opportunities amongst the challenges.

11.30-12.25 Making Money From Music Media: New Business Models
Given the challenges facing music magazines old and new in 2017, we speak to the people leading key music media brands about the different business models they are employing, and the different ways they are generating revenue around their content and audience.

With DJ Mag’s Managing Director Martin Carvell, Vice’s Head Of Music Alex Hoffman, and DIY magazine’s Publisher Rupert Vereker and Managing Editor Sarah Jamieson.

12.30-13.15 Making Media With Brands
Brands play an increasingly important role in enabling music media, and not just by buying old-school ads. We will look at projects where brands collaborated with music and media companies to make great content.

With Ben Williams, Digital Director at The Box Plus Network, and James Cornish, Sales Director at Vevo. CMU’s Sam Taylor asks the questions.


14.00-15.00 The Crisis In Music Journalism
Given the challenges facing the music media in 2017, the new business models now being employed, and the increasingly close ties between advertising and editorial, what does that mean for the art of music journalism? Is it in crisis? Is the golden age of music journalism over?

CMU’s Chris Cooke presents the results of an exclusive new survey of music journalists about the state of the music media, and discusses the findings with leading music writers including Laura Snapes, Emily Jupp, Mark Savage and Greg Cochrane.

15.15-16.00 Will It Be Streams That Kill The Radio Star?
As the streaming services start to compete with conventional radio, what next for the more traditional brands still to be found on the FM dial? Is the radio industry in danger of losing a generation of listeners to the internet? Or do traditional radio stations – and the traditional radio experience – still have a key role to play? Video didn’t kill the radio star, but what now?

We plot the future of radio with 7digital’s Deputy CEO Pete Downton, BBC Radio 1 Producer Kate Holder, Folder Media’s Creative Director Matt Deegan and Elijah Palithorpe-Peart from Brighton’s own youth radio venture Platform B.

16.05-17.00 Music PR Is Broken: Let’s Fix It!
Given everything we’ve learned today about the evolution of the music media – whether in print, online or on air – what does this mean for the music industry’s PR machine? Are the strategies and messages employed by artists, labels and promoters still working in 2017? And will they still work in 2027?

We present more findings from the brand new CMU Insights Music Media Survey, this time looking at what journalists had to say about how the music industry connects with them, before discussing how music marketing and PR is evolving with those promoting artists at labels, agencies and in the live space.

With Afryea Henry-Fontaine from Virgin EMI, Jane Kearney from Festival Republic, Jodie Banaszkiewicz from Stay Golden PR, Michelle Kambasha from Secretly Group and Rosie James from Tru Thoughts.