CMU Insights @ The Great Escape 2017

Thursday 18 – Friday 19 May 2017 | BUY A DELEGATE PASS | BUY A CONVENTION-ONLY PASS

The Export Conference is part of CMU Insights @ TGE 2017

In an increasingly connected world, is it easier than ever for new artists to go global, or is access to investment and on-the-ground support still key? We provide a user-friendly guide to taking new artists global, learning from past recipients of the Music Export Growth Scheme. Plus how to get the most out of showcase festivals and what, exactly, does Brexit mean for the music industry in the UK and beyond?

Presented in partnership with BPI

Confirmed speakers so far: David Manders Test Card Recordings, Julie Weir Goremount, Phil Middleton ATC, Samantha Smith Fairsound Management, Andy Corrigan Viva La Visa, Danny Keir Sound Diplomacy, Ian Moss BPI.


Great British Music Overseas
Three of the five best selling recording artists worldwide in 2016 were British, so the UK music industry must be doing something right! We’ll dig a little deeper into the BPI’s latest stats to learn more about how UK artists and labels are performing overseas, identifying the challenges and opportunities ahead for both new and established talent in the global music market.

The MEGS Guide To Exporting New Talent
So, your artist is enjoying success at home, now it’s time to make that great escape to markets abroad. We provide tips galore on going global from past recipients of the UK’s Music Export Growth Scheme funding, which is provided by the Department For International Trade and administered by BPI. Including David Manders from Test Card Recordings discussing the export of Public Service Broadcasting, Julie Weir from Goremount on Fearless Vampire Killers, Phil Middleton from ATC on Temperance Movement and Samantha Smith from Fairsound Management on Lonelady.

Top Five Visa Mistakes
With artist visas in the news so much lately, we’ll talk Andy Corrigan from Viva La Visa through his list of the top five mistakes music people make when securing visas.


Facilitating Export
Numerous countries now have government or industry funded organisations that exist to help new artists export into new markets – most of which have an official presence at The Great Escape. Sound Diplomacy has surveyed many of these export offices to produce a Global Music Export Pledge, a best practice guide for those countries with existing music export initiatives, and those thinking of setting one up for the first time. Sound Diplomacy’s Danny Keir will formally launch the report and present its findings.

Getting The Most From Showcase Festivals
Showcase festivals like The Great Escape can be key to building an audience and a business for your artists abroad. But how do you get the most out of a showcase festival, as an artist, a manager, a label, a promoter or an agent? We provide your one-stop guide.

A Beginners Guide To Brexit
So, Brexit then. BPI’s Director Of Public Affairs Ian Moss will walk you through the mechanics of Brexit – what’s happened so far and what’s still to come? – to inform a discussion on how the UK exiting the European Union will impact the wider music industry, involving delegates from both here and across the continent.