CMU Insights @ The Great Escape 2017

Thursday 18 – Friday 19 May 2017 | BUY A DELEGATE PASS | BUY A CONVENTION-ONLY PASS

The Drugs Conference is part of CMU Insights @ TGE 2017

Following the battle for Fabric, we ask what clubs, promoters, law enforcement and licensing officials should really be doing to save lives. What practical measures can be taken to ensure the safety of our customers? And what about drug culture within the music community? How can artists embrace the sex, drugs and rock n roll lifestyle without damaging their health and that of those around them?

Presented in partnership with Help Musicians UK


A Recent History Of Getting High
To inform the day ahead, we look at recent trends in drug taking at clubs, gigs and festivals, reviewing the fashions and fads that have had an impact on both consumption and the risks attached, and assessing how well informed young music fans are about the substances they consume.

The Licensing Challenge
The future of Fabric looked very bleak last year as it fought a highly public licensing battle with its local authority. This despite the London club being widely acclaimed for its anti-drug policies. Fortunately a deal was done and the venue was able to re-open for business. Everyone ultimately wants a safe environment – inside and outside the venue. How can club promoters, local authorities and local police better collaborate on making this happen in a practical and efficient way?

Drugs, Clubs & Music: How To Actually Save Lives
A policy of zero tolerance is all well and good, but will it actually save lives? Whatever your viewpoint on the legalities of drugs, the reality is that for some clubbers and festival-goers they are part of the experience. What measures can venue owners and promoters take to educate, inform and support those who will always choose to consume? We’ll discuss priorities and review ground-breaking projects that are already pursuing an alternative approach.


Music Making & Drug Taking
Songwriting under the influence may have produced some very fine songs indeed, but did the drugs really help? Is the role of certain substances in the creative process too often romanticised? And do trends in drug consumption impact on the music scene? Music makers discuss.

Tackling Addiction In The Music Community
Following last year’s focus on mental health during CMU@TGE, this year we tackle addiction in the music community head on, exploring how the rock n roll lifestyle can take its toll, and what the music industry can do to better support its people.

Support The Supports: Managers & Mental Health In Music
Recent conversations about mental health in the artist community have put the spotlight on the role of management here. But are managers equipped to support and guide their acts if addiction or health issues arise? And even if they are, who then supports the manager? We continue the mental health debate, seeking practical solutions.