Speed Briefings

Concise introductions to our research work presented at music conferences around the world

CMU Insights presents speed briefings at music conferences and other industry events around the world. Tapping into our daily reportage and extensive research work, each briefing provides a concise but comprehensive overview of a different aspect of the music business. Each briefing can be delivered in different formats from five to 60 minutes long.

Details of our current speed briefings are given below along with links to accompanying resources in the CMU Library.


01: How The Streaming Business Works | RESOURCES
How the deals between the music industry and the streaming platforms work, and how streaming royalties are calculated each month.

02: The Streaming Debate | RESOURCES
The big debate over how the streaming business works – and in particular the discussions regarding how streaming revenues are shared out.

03: Mapping The Royalty Chain | RESOURCES
Why streaming money flows down different royalty chains and how that can impact on how much money a songwriter receives.

04: Capitalising On Your Fan Data | RESOURCES
The ten main categoreis of fan data and why data considerations need to be included in each and every artist deal.

05: Evolving Record Deals | RESOURCES
The different kinds of label and distribution deals available to artists today, and the pros and cons of each approach.

06: Distribution Revolution | RESOURCES
How the role of the music distributor has changed over the last two decades and the distribution options available today.

07: Streaming Playlists | RESOURCES
The role of playlists in driving plays on the streaming services and how the industry now pitches to playlist curators.


The CMU Insights speed briefings can be delivered as both keynote presentations or more intimate seminars with limited places that delegates apply for in advance. To discuss hosting CMU Insights speed briefings at your music conference email [email protected]