Speed Briefings

One hour training sessions at music conferences around the world

CMU Insights is presenting a number of speed briefings at upcoming music conferences around the world.

Each briefing provides a concise but comprehensive overview of a different aspect of the music business in just one hour.

These sessions are designed to be delivered as more intimate workshops within any one conference’s programme, though also work as bigger keynote presentations. We can deliver them in either format.

Upcoming conferences hosting CMU Insights Speed Briefings include…

Spot+, 12 May, Aarhus | EVENT WEBSITE
How Streaming Services Are Licensed

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We are currently offering the following speed briefings…

How Streaming Services Are Licensed | NOTES
This speed briefing explains the deals done between the streaming services and the record companies, music publishers and collecting societies, and outlines how royalties flow from each streaming platform to the artists and songwriters. Based on the ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ reports produced by CMU Insights for MMF UK.

Top Five Streaming Challenges | NOTES
This speed briefing runs through five key challenges that must be met by the wider streaming music business – including artists, songwriters, record labels, music publishers, collecting societies and the streaming platforms themselves. In each of the challenges are opportunities for music entrepreneurs. Based on the ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ reports produced by CMU Insights for MMF UK.

What Exactly Is The ‘Value Gap’ All About? | NOTES
Why does the music industry keep shouting about the copyright safe harbour and the so called ‘value gap’? And how did YouTube become the music industry’s enemy number one? Find out in this speed briefing on all things safe harbour, plus how the music community hopes the European Copyright Directive might help.

Secondary Ticketing – The Story So Far | NOTES
This speed briefing reviews the growth of the secondary ticketing sector over the last fifteen years and efforts by government and the music industry to regulate the resale of tickets for profit. It looks at the various regulations that have been introduced in the UK and compares that with efforts in France, Italy, US, Canada and Australia.