How The Music Business Works

Eight two-hour seminars providing a comprehensive overview of the music industry

Our ‘How The Music Business Works’ programme consists of eight two-hour seminars which together cover: the various ways the music industry generates revenue, building and engaging a fanbase, the business partnerships artists form with music companies, and how the artist/label relationship is changing.

The seminars fit together to provide a concise overview of the music industry, and latest trends and developments. Each seminar also works as a standalone session. Individual seminars are £49.99 while the full programme is £299, including VAT and booking fees.

The next ‘How The Music Business Works’ seminars programme will run from September to November 2017. Bookings will open soon.

Week 1: Making Money From Music
An overview of the key ways in which artists can make money from their work, and an introduction to the companies they work with, and how deals are structured.
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Week 2: How Music Rights Work
An introduction to copyright law and how it applies to the music business, including ownership, copyright terms and how copyrights make money.
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Week 3: How Music Licensing Works
An introduction to how music licensing works, including an overview of the collective licensing system and the UK collecting societies.
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Week 4: The Music Rights Sector
An overview of the various elements of the music rights sector and how they are performing in 2017, including trends in the digital music market.
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Week 5: Merch, Live & Brands
An overview of merch and beyond, the live sector, brand partnerships, and the increasing importance of direct-to-fan services.
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Week 6: Building A Fanbase – Social Media Tools
The role of social media in building, engaging and understanding core fanbase.
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Week 7: Building A Fanbase – Music Media
The role of traditional music media – in print, online and broadcast – in building industry profile for new talent, and getting music to a more mainstream audience.
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Week 8: Building A Fan-Orientated Business
How social and direct-to-fan tools, including the fan mailing list, should be used to inform an artist’s business, and the new kinds of deals being done to capitalise on the potential of direct-to-fan.
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These seminars are led by Chris Cooke, MD and Business Editor of CMU. Chris has written about the music business daily for nearly fifteen years, and is a leading expert on the sector, often commenting on it for other media, most notably the BBC.

He also has hands-on experience working on music and marketing projects involving artists, labels, brands and media. An experienced trainer, Chris brings insider insights, practical experience and legal training to his teaching.

CMU Insights provides training to hundreds of music industry professionals each year via our own seminar and masterclass programmes, in-house training for music companies like Sony Music, ie:music and ATC Management, and sessions for members of industry organisations like BPI and IMRO.

Bookings made for CMU Insights courses are non-refundable, though bookings can be transferred to another person. Payment must be made before attendance unless otherwise arranged. If, for any reason, a course is postponed or cancelled CMU Insights will let each participant know by email (via the email address used in the booking) and affected participants will have the option to move their booking to another course or to take a full refund. All content delivered via these seminars is © CMU Insights.