Building A Fanbase & Fan Business

Three evening seminars on music marketing and direct-to-fan | supported by Lewis Silkin

These three CMU Insights seminars together provide an overview of how to build a fanbase for new artists and new music. They also look at how artists can use these channels to build a direct-fo-fan business.

The next edition of this seminar programme will begin in October 2018. Bookings will be open soon.

A place on the full programme costs just £125 including VAT and booking fee.

Alternatively you can book a place at each individual seminar for £49.99 including VAT and booking fee.

CMU Insights training takes place at the offices of Lewis Silkin at 5 Chancery Lane, London, EC4A 1BL.

A beginner’s guide to the role of social media tools in building, engaging and understanding core fanbase, including an overview of the key social platforms, and the importance of analytics and email. Including:

• How social media fits in – pre, during and after the album campaign.
• The key social media.
• Tips for using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.
• YouTube and Soundcloud as marketing channels.
• A social media stategy and content plan.
• Social analytics and your direct-to-fan business.

The role of traditional and new music media – print, online, broadcast and streaming playlists – in building industry profile for new talent, and getting music to a more mainstream audience. Including:

• The music press – magazines, websites, blogs.
• Broadcast media – radio, TV, YouTubers.
• The increased importance of streaming playlists.
• The classic music marketing and PR campaign.
• How music marketing is changing in the streaming age.
• CMU Insights music journalist survey results.

How social and direct-to-fan tools, and the data they generate, should be used to inform an artist’s business. This session then provides tips on building and developing a direct-to-fan artist store and considers how the artist’s business partners may be involved in D2F activity. Including:

• How do you make money out of music?
• The direct-to-fan relationship.
• Capturing fans online and the importance of the fan email list.
• Analysing and dissecting fanbase.
• Putting direct-to-fan channels in place and building an artist store.
• Where do the artist’s traditional business partners fit in?

These seminars are led by Chris Cooke, MD and Business Editor of CMU. Chris has written about the music business daily for over fifteen years and is a leading expert on the sector, often speaking about best practice and current trends at conferences and events around the world.

He also has hands-on experience working on music and marketing projects involving artists, labels, brands and media, and authored the ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ reports for the UK’s Music Managers Forum. With degrees in English and Law, Chris is an experienced trainer who also has expertise in media, marketing, PR and communications.

CMU Insights provides training to hundreds of music industry professionals each year via our own seminar and masterclass programmes; in-house training for music companies like Sony Music, ie:music and ATC Management; courses for members of industry organisations like BPI, IMRO and the Musicians’ Union; and sessions for the likes of Music Estonia, Music Norway and the Association Of Caribbean Copyright Societies.

Published prices include VAT and booking fees. Refunds are available on CMU Insights bookings made via Eventbrite up to 30 days before the seminar. After that date bookings are non-refundable, though a place can be transferred to another person. Payment must be made before attendance unless otherwise arranged. If, for any reason, a course is postponed or cancelled CMU Insights will let each participant know by email (via the email address used in the booking) and affected participants will have the option to move their booking to another course or to take a full refund. All content delivered via these seminars is © CMU Insights.