CMU Conference Sessions

CMU Insights at Reeperbahn Festival 2019

Last updated on: Monday 5 August 2019

Reeperbahn Festival & Conference takes place in Hamburg from 18-21 Sep.

CMU returns this year to both present and host sessions. Find out about the sessions we will present below. Click here for tickets.

Friday 20 Sep, 1.00pm-2.00pm, East Hotel C2

This year the UK’s Music Managers Forum published the ‘Song Royalties Guide’, explaining the complexities around song right licensing and the impact this has on how songwriters get paid. It showed how each songwriter’s digital royalties flow down a multitude of royalty chains, the efficiency of which dictates when and how much a writer gets paid.

Chris Cooke from CMU Insights – who wrote the Song Royalties Guide – will talk you through the complexities and issues with getting songwriters paid when their music is streamed. He will then discuss practical solutions to the various challenges with Craft Management’s Ray Black (whose clients include Kathryn Joseph, Mogwai, The Twilight Sad and producer Paul Savage), Songtrust’s Mandy Aubry and MMF’s Annabella Coldrick.

Friday 20 Sep, 2.15pm-3.00pm, East Hotel C2

As the industry plays catch-up to the new ways in which people enjoy music, this panel explores the technology solutions addressing the challenges in paying the right people, accurately and quickly in the digital era.

CMU’s Chris Cooke talks to Lucilla Green from Do The Rights Thing, Lina Heyman from STIM, Sweden and Neil Jones from ICE.

Friday 20 Sep, 3.15pm-4.00pm, East Hotel C2

Music marketing has evolved a lot in recent years, with new tools, new messages and new influencers, and the need to keep talking about new releases for longer. In conversation with a panel of leading experts Sam Taylor from CMU examines how album marketing has changed, and what impact the shift to streaming has had on how campaigns are structured.

He will be talking to Alex Thomson, Director at Green House Group and Malena Wolfer, Head Of Artist Services at Believe.