CMU Insights @ Output 2018

CMU Insights presented insight sessions at Output 2018 in Belfast

CMU Business Editor Chris Cooke presented an insights session and two speed briefings at Output 2018.

CMU Insights presents The Digital Dollar Deals Guide
Based on ‘The Deals Guide’ published by the MMF last year, learn about the ten different label/distribution deals types now available to artists in the streaming age, and the pros and cons of choosing DIY v distribution v label services v indie label v major label. CMU’s Chris Cooke interviews Annabella Coldrick from the Music Managers Forum and music lawyer Will Priestley from Harbottle & Lewis.

Speed Briefing – What Exactly Is The ‘Value Gap’ All About?
Why does the music industry keep shouting about the copyright safe harbour and the so called ‘value gap’? And how did YouTube become the music industry’s enemy number one? Find out in this speed briefing on all things safe harbour, plus how the music community hopes the European Copyright Directive might help.

Speed Briefing – Top Five Streaming Challenges
This speed briefing runs through five key challenges that must be met by the wider streaming music business – including artists, songwriters, record labels, music publishers, collecting societies and the streaming platforms themselves. In each of the challenges are opportunities for music entrepreneurs. Based on the ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ reports produced by CMU Insights for MMF UK.

You can download the slides we presented here.


Chris Cooke is MD and Business Editor of CMU, a service provider to the music industry. Best known for its media – the CMU Daily, CMU Digest, CMU Trends and Setlist podcast – the CMU business also provides training and consultancy to music companies, runs the CMU:DIY education programme for new talent, and presents the CMU Insights conference at The Great Escape each May. CMU is part of Chris’s company 3CM UnLimited, through which he also publishes cultural recommendations service ThisWeek London and its sister magazine ThreeWeeks Edinburgh; and helps to run the award winning PR training charity the Taylor Bennett Foundation.

Annabella Coldrick is CEO of the UK’s Music Managers Forum, which champions and supports the artist management community while also campaigning for a more transparent music industry which operates in the interest of artists and their fans. Key MMF projects in recent years include the ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ reports and guides, and co-founding and supporting the FanFair Alliance campaign to restrict ticket touting. Prior to joining MMF, Annabella worked in various policy, communication and public affairs roles for organisations including Cadbury, Which? and The Design Council.

Will Priestley is part of the music team at Harbottle & Lewis, a media and entertainment law firm in London. Will advises a wide range of clients across the music industry, with a particular focus on artists and managers at the beginning of their careers. Before training as a lawyer, Will worked in advertising, which has given him a keen understanding of the value of his clients’ image and brand, and of the need to protect and develop that value through the deals they make.