CMU Insights @ Music 4.5

CMU Insights teams up with the Music 4.5 seminars programme

CMU Insights is a partner on Music 4.5, the renowned seminar series from 2Pears which explores the intersection between music and technology by bringing together music tech start-ups, serial entrepreneurs and investors, academics and musicians, and executives from across the music industry.
We input on topics and speakers, while CMU’s Chris Cooke produces a ‘story so far’ overview for each edition of Music 4.5 as a CMU Trends article and/or a presentation at the event itself.


Music 4.5: The Record Label Of The Future?
23 Feb 2017, London | CLICK HERE FOR INFO
This Music 4.5 session asks what the record label of the future looks like. With so many artists self-releasing and self-promoting, what should labels do to remain relevant and cutting edge? Who are the new contenders? How can record labels compare to DIY labels and artist-run labels? CMU will publish a ‘story so far’ CMU Trends article ahead of this event.

Music 4.5: The Economics Of Streaming
29 Mar 2017, New York | CLICK HERE FOR INFO
This Music 4.5 session will examine the business of streaming, the latest developments around music licensing, the implications of digital service providers’ different business models and legislative reform, as well as the impact of ad-market dynamics on per-stream rates for artists, record labels, publishers and collective rights management organisations. CMU will publish a ‘story so far’ CMU Trends article ahead of this event.


Music 4.5: The New Creative Tech
November 2016, London | STORY SO FAR ARTICLE
‘The New Creative Tech’ considered what opportunities and challenges new creative technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and artificial intelligence pose for artists, creators, and the music and entertainment industries.

Music 4.5: The Politics Of Licensing
September 2016, London | STORY SO FAR SLIDES
‘The Politics Of Licensing’ discussed the latest developments in Europe and the US around safe harbours, collective and music licensing, as well as developments in the way music companies license digital services and broadcasters.

Music 4.5: Smart Radio – Playlists 2
April 2016, London | STORY SO FAR SLIDES
‘Smart Radio: Playlists 2’ looked at the evolution of online playlisting, and the intersection of radio and the streaming services.

Music 4.5: The YouTube Paradox
January 2016, London | STORY SO FAR SLIDES
‘The YouTube Paradox’ explored what the music business can learn from the success of the YouTube creators and dissected how the music industry can better appeal to a new generation of viewers and consumers online.