Key Music Business Trends 2019

A CMU Insights seminar that we can run in-house for your team

This two hour seminar from CMU Insights reviews key trends and debates in the music industry in the last twelve months, covering all the major developments in 2019 so far, and looking ahead to what might happen in the business of music as 2020 approaches.

Topics covered include…

01: The Streaming Business
Where is the streaming business at right now? Which services are dominating where, what kind of revenues are they generating, how are people getting paid, and what issues still need to be tackled?

02: Piracy
How has the battle against online piracy evolved in the last year? The US record industry in particular has been very prolific with its anti-piracy endeavours of late. What are they targeting and what impact is it having?

03: Safe Harbour
The European Copyright Directive has now been passed after a long, noisy debate over safe harbour reform and the so called ‘value gap’. What’s it all about and what will happen next?

04: Ticketing
Secondary ticketing has been another key talking point. In the UK, the Competition & Markets Authority has started to crack down on the more controversial elements on online touting. What impact, if any, is it having?

05: Data
After all the chatter about GDPR last year, there has been increased debate about fan data in 2019, with the spotlight put on who owns and has access to data gathered about any one artist’s fans.

This seminar is delivered by Chris Cooke, Founder and Managing Director of CMU. Chris has written about the music business daily for over fifteen years and is a leading expert on the sector, often speaking about best practice and current trends at conferences and events around the world.

He also has hands-on experience working on music and marketing projects involving artists, labels, brands and media, and he authored the book ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ for the UK’s Music Managers Forum. With degrees in English and Law, Chris is an experienced trainer who also has expertise in media, marketing, PR and communications.

CMU Insights provides training to hundreds of music industry professionals each year via our own seminar and masterclass programmes; in-house training for music companies like Sony Music, ie:music and ATC Management; courses for members of industry organisations like BPI, MMF, IMRO and the Musicians’ Union; and sessions for the likes of Music Estonia, Music Norway and the Association Of Caribbean Copyright Societies.

‘Key Music Business Trends 2019’ is an in-house seminar from CMU Insights, which means we run it in-house at music companies and companies working with music. We come to your office and run the session for your team.

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