CMU+TGE Conferences 2019

Three full-day conferences presented by CMU Insights at The Great Escape 2019

CMU Insights returns to The Great Escape in 2019 to present three full-day conferences – each one focused on a different aspect of the music industry. Read on for more information.

We are currently welcoming submissions from music people and companies with specific insights to share or projects to discuss relevant to this year’s themes. CLICK HERE to pitch a speaker or project.

Access to the CMU+TGE conferences is open to all TGE delegates – CLICK HERE to buy a delegate pass. Standalone day-tickets are also available for the Music Education conference – CLICK HERE to buy one.

CMU+TGE: MUSIC EDUCATION – Building bridges not walls
Wednesday 8 May 2019, Brighton | CLICK HERE FOR INFO
Our full-day conference on music education in 2018 started a movement. In 2019 we will regroup with new research and new ideas. How can music educators and the music business more closely align to ensure the future of the industry’s talent pipeline?

CMU+TGE: DIGITAL DOLLARS – Getting paid as well as played
Thursday 8 May 2019, Brighton | CLICK HERE FOR INFO
Streaming is now the biggest and fastest growing revenue stream for the record industry, but issues with the business model remain. We will track every dollar generated by the streaming services and explain where it ends up. And then ask: why is it so complicated?

CMU+TGE: MUSIC MARKETING – Making sure people give a shit
Friday 9 May 2019, Brighton | CLICK HERE FOR INFO
Music marketing is changing fast. The influencers are changing. The messages are changing. Campaigns are getting longer. How do you keep up and cope when budgets remain the same? And how can marketers at labels and in the live sector better collaborate?