CMU Insights Conference Sessions

CMU Insights regularly hosts sessions at music business conferences around the world

CMU Insights presents sessions and keynotes at a number of leading music industry conferences each year. Our sessions run from one to three hours and combine a unique mix of original research, training and one-on-one interviews. To discuss including CMU Insights sessions as part of your conference email


CMU Insights @ Output 2017
Thursday 16 February 2017, Belfast | SESSION INFO
CMU Insights returns to the Output conference in Belfast to present two sessions: ‘The Top Five Things Music PRs Do Wrong’ and ‘The Top Five Streaming Developments In 2017’. CMU Business Editor Chris Cooke will present on music PR and the streaming music market, and will interview two key industry experts per session.


CMU Insights @ Slush Music 2016
November 2016, Helsinki | SESSION NOTES
CMU Insights’ Chris Cooke presented a speedy overview of ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ at the first edition of Slush Music, the music-centric strand of the Slush start-up conference. He also sat on a panel discussing the state of the music rights sector in the digital age and led a session featuring artists who invest in start-up businesses.

CMU Insights @ Dansk Live Autumn Conference 2016
September 2016, Odense | SESSION NOTES
CMU Insights’ Chris Cooke presented a keynote overview of the digital music market at the Autumn Conference of Dansk Live, considering growth in the streaming sector and challenges ahead for both labels and artists. The session then discussed the potential of the streaming platforms as data and marketing platforms for the wider music community, and how the live sector might tap into those resources, while also noting some streaming services’ move into ticketing and the continued potential of direct-to-fan.

CMU Insights @ Music Estonia 2016
September 2016, Tallinn | SESSION NOTES
CMU Insights’ Chris Cooke presented a keynote at the AGM of Music Estonia, reviewing the music industry in 2016, the impact digital has had on the recorded music market, and the opportunities ahead as streaming and direct-to-fan come of age.

CMU Insights @ The Great Escape 2016
May 2016, Brighton | SESSION INFO
It’s our very own conference, sitting at the heart of The Great Escape, the new music festival. Over two rooms and two days, we presented four full-day strands putting the focus on data and transparency; CDs and merch; YouTube and video; and diversity, training and mental health in the music community.

CMU Insights @ Canadian Music Week 2016
CMU presented a three hour insight strand at the CMW Music Summit, as Canada’s biggest new music festival put the spotlight on the UK. We provided a guide to the UK music market, looked at digital challenges and opportunities, and discussed the ins and outs of the British indie sector.

CMU Insights @ Music Connected 2016
CMU presented an insight session at the Association Of Independent Music’s Music Connected conference in London. Based on the report he authored for the Music Managers Forum last year, CMU Business Editor Chris Cooke explained from beginning to end how streaming services are licensed, by labels and publishers, and what happens to the money.

CMU Insights @ Wide Days 2016
April 2016, Edinburgh | SESSION INFO | SESSION NOTES
CMU presented an insight session at Wide Days 2016, Scotland’s music-business convention. CMU Business Editor Chris Cooke explained, in ten simple steps, how streaming platforms like Spotify are licensed, and then led a conversation on how DIY artists can get the most out of the streaming services, and on the issues artists and managers face in the digital domain.

CMU Insights @ ILMC 2016
March 2016, London | SESSION NOTES
CMU Insights’ Chris Cooke presented a speedy overview of the digital music market ahead of a panel discussion about streaming platforms, data and revenues at the International Live Music Conference.

CMU Insights @ Convergence 2016
CMU presented an insight session at Convergence 2016, the festival of music, art and technology, exploring the challenges of making money out of media in the digital age. Is clickbait and branded content the future? And if so, is that really a good thing? CMU’s Chris Cooke led the debate, discussing the state of media and the music media with experts, editors and publishers.

CMU Insights @ Output 2016
February 2016, Belfast | SESSION INFO | SESSION NOTES
CMU presented an insight session at Output 2016, Northern Ireland’s largest ever one day music conference, putting the focus on the ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ report CMU Insights produced for the UK’s Music Managers Forum in 2015. We presented an overview of the report and discussed its findings with Believe’s Ben Rimmer and Raygun’s Julian Deane.

CMU Insights @ Community 2015
November 2015, London | SESSION NOTES
CMU presented three insight sessions as part of the delegate’s programme at the Community festival in Shoreditch, East London, providing an overview of the music industry in 2015 before putting the spotlight on the importance of online playlists in driving streams and the new entertainment industry that is emerging around YouTube.