CMU+TGE: Music Marketing

A full-day conference on music marketing on Friday 10 May 2019

A full-day conference within the TGE Conference putting the spotlight on how music marketing is evolving with the ongoing shift to streams.

We last put the spotlight on music marketing in 2015 and boy has a lot changed since then.

With the shift to streaming, the key influencers have changed, the key messages have changed, and the campaigns are getting longer as sustained listening becomes the aim.

Over in live, promoters are employing ever more tools and tactics to get those tickets sold.

Meanwhile, from an artist’s perspective, it would be really good if marketers on the recorded and live side could be more closely aligned.

We look at the changes, at best practice, at great case studies, and then debate where music marketing is headed next.

• What are the key music marketing tools in 2019?
• What can we do about key social platforms constantly moving the goal posts?
• So, how do I get my track on that Spotify playlist?
• Will machines curate all the streaming service playlists in the future?
• How can you make your festival stand out in such a crowded market place?
• How can you make all that marketing content on a really right budget?
• As marketing campaigns get longer how do you manage your team?
• How can we get all of an artist’s business partners speaking as one?

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