CMU+TGE: Digital Dollars

A full-day conference on the streaming market on Thursday 9 May 2019

A full-day conference within the TGE Conference putting the spotlight on the streaming market and how artists and songwriters get paid.

Streaming accounted for 38% of the global recorded music market in 2017. It’s the biggest revenue stream. It’s the fastest growing revenue stream.

And yet issues remain with the business model, with the way monies are shared, and with the way everyone gets paid. Meanwhile, as the market matures, everyone in the recorded music supply chain is being forced to answer the tricky question: "why are you even here"?

Tapping into acclaimed research by CMU Insights, we will help delegates truly understand the streaming business, kick-starting a number of lively debates about the state and future of the market, and quite where those digital dollars end up.

• Who are the winners and losers as the streaming market matures?
• How does the music and money flow – from artist to service and back again?
• What is user-centric royalty distribution and should we have it?
• Beyond the blockchain – has anyone sorted out the music data mess yet?
• The European Copyright Directive – will it really change anything?
• The US Music Modernization Act – will it really change anything?
• How will the streaming services ever make a profit?
• Why’s it all so complicated anyway?

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