CMU Insights @ Canadian Music Week 2017

CMU Insights presented an insights session at Canadian Music Week 2017

CMU Insights Presents The Creators’ Guide To Digital Dollars
CMU Insights returned to Toronto to present The Creators’ Guide To Digital Dollars, a three hour session that explained how streaming services are licensed; discussed challenges around data, converting freemium and driving sustained listening; and delved into the big transparency debate. The session included:

Dissecting The Digital Dollar: Streaming Deals Explained
Based on the the major ‘Digital Dollar’ reports he wrote for the UK’s Music Managers Forum, CMU Business Editor Chris Cooke explained once and for all how streaming services are licensed and what happens to all the money as it flows from digital service provider to artist and songwriter.

Making Streaming Work: Three Key Challenges
Through a series of interviews, CMU’s Chris Cooke explored three of the main challenges facing the music industry as streaming becomes the primary recorded music revenue stream: how to convert more consumers to paid-for services, how to drive sustained listening on key platforms, and how to make sure those platforms know who to pay.

Vickie Nauman from CrossBorderWorks discussed converting freemium, Georges Tremblay from Believe discussed sustained listening, and Tomas Ericsson discussed all things data.

Tracking Digital Dollars: The Big Transparency Problem
For artists and songwriters, there remain too many mysteries about the deals done between the labels, publishers and collecting societies, and the digital service providers. As the European Union considers providing music creatives with a right to transparency – and as artists and songwriters in the UK call on government to intervene – we asked who needs to be more transparent about what, and how that might be achieved worldwide.

With MMF UK CEO Annabella Coldrick, artist managers Graham Stairs and Jake Gold, and entertainment lawyer Angelika Heim.

You can download the slides we presented here.