BPI Seminar Notes

BPI Seminar Notes

Published on Saturday 16 June 2018

These are notes that accompany the various CMU Insights seminars presented as part of the BPI’s training programme for member companies.

01: Introduction To The Music Industry | NOTES
This session provides a concise overview of the different ways artists generate revenue around their music and the business partners they work with to unlock these income streams. It then looks in particular at the label’s role, how record deals work, and the various services record companies provide to artists. It is a great induction course for anyone new to the record industry, while also providing more experienced label execs with an overview of the wider music business.

02: Inside The Label – Building & Running A Record Company | NOTES
This session delves into the inner workings of the record label, whether that’s an individual artist’s own label, an independent large or small, or a major record company. It looks at the role labels – and each department within the label – play in developing new talent, building artist brands, and distributing and marketing new music. It also offers advice on setting up and growing a record company.

03: Music Rights Inside & Out | NOTES
This more advanced session on music rights expands on the copyright elements of the ‘Introduction To The Music Industry’ session. It looks in more detail at how music rights make money and how music licensing works. It is ideal for anyone working in legal or licensing, and any label exec who wants a fuller understanding of how music rights work.

04: Music Marketing Campaigns | NOTES
This session looks at how music marketing campaigns are structured and implemented, and at the different tools and tactics label marketing teams employ, including advertising, PR, promotions, social, playlists, direct-to-fan, events and partnerships. It looks at how the challenges of music marketing change as an artist’s career progresses, and at how music marketing at large is changing with the shift from sales to streams.

05: Getting The Most From Catalogue | NOTES
This session considers how labels can get more out of their catalogues in the streaming age. From full-on re-releases to timely pushes for catalogue tracks to premium physical product sold direct-to-fan, it looks at the various ways labels drive extra and new revenue by better managing and marketing their catalogue recordings.